15th european congress of sport psychology


FEPSAC* & University of Münster present:


* FEPSAC: European Federation of Sport Psychology. FEPSAC has the ambition to be an active federation that supports the development of sport psychology in Europe. Website: FEPSAC 

15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology

The FEPSAC Congress will take place from July 15-20, 2019 in Münster at the Schloss (the Münster Castle) and its surrounding buildings. The special occasion is the 50th anniversary of the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC), founded 1969 in Vittel, France, whose members are comprised of 24 national associations, e.g., including the German Society for Sport Psychology (asp). Accordingly, the hosts are expecting a large number of participants and a considerable amount of public interest. With over 1.000 expected participants, the 15th FEPSAC Congress will be one of the largest international sport psychology congresses organized to date.

In the interest of developing Sport Psychology, every four years the FEPSAC-Congress takes place in different locations in order to discuss the recent scientific advancements in the field and their practical implementations (e.g., in sports, exercise and health). The 14th Congress took place 2015 in Bern, Switzerland.

Internationally renowned scientists will give keynote lectures and speak to attendees from all over the world. Numerous workshops, poster exhibitions, and symposia will guarantee both a scientific and applied-oriented program.

For further information: download the PDF overview or visit the website FEPSAC.